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Got Purpose?

Have you ever wondered, "Why on earth do I exist? What's my purpose?"

Knowing our purpose is so important. It affects how we live, what we do, and how we will influence our world. Ultimately, purpose will determine the legacy that we leave behind when we are gone.

So what's your purpose? I invite you to read along with me as we explore our purpose.

Comment? Question? Feedback? Leave me a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

BIG FIVE QUESTIONS #3: Why am I here?

Got Purpose?—Why Am I Here? If God created us with a purpose and that purpose is relationships, then we must ask ourselves how to relate to God and others. In Genesis 1-2, the Bible tells us that when

BIG FIVE #2: What am I?

Got Purpose?—What Am I? As we attempt to discover our purpose, we also need to know what we are. Knowing how we are designed will lead us to our purpose. As the design of a plane tells us that it is u

The BIG FIVE questions: Where did we come from?

Got Purpose?—Where Did We Come From? How you believe human beings came into existence will affect how you determine your purpose. Basically, there are two answers: chance (random evolution) or creatio


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Thank you for checking out the website! I want my life to be full of purpose, and I hope that I can share insights with you that will help you to live with purpose and on purpose. Please join the conversation and share your thoughts with me!

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